An Online Wellness Boutique Curated by a Mom, for Moms

A selection of the best organic and eco-friendly products for you and your family.

If you’re a mama who’s always taking care of others, let Senona Sol take care of you.

SENONA means lively ( Also my youngest daughter's middle name! ) and SOL means sun. Together they’re our chance to spend time on ourselves so we have the capacity to spread our light in the world.

Self care isn’t about vanity or selfishness. When you take time for self love, the rest of the world feels it too.

Senona Sol is your personal wellness boutique

Inside my shop you’ll find a careful selection of yoga accessories, nourishing skincare (that’s actually organic—not a chemical in sight) and customized apparel you can’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re shopping for eco-friendly jewelry or something pretty to wear on date night, I’ve got you covered. Browse products by category or collection, or curl up with my blog to follow along on my own wellness journey.

So Happy you are here!  xoxo

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